The Performing Manager

Greetings Friends!

I wanted to tell you about a class that I just started today. It’s called The Performing Manager. Per the course catalog, “Effective managers must motivate and inspire others to follow their ‘lead.’ This course will explore the seemingly elusive quality often referred to as personal charisma – that hard to pinpoint ability to not only set a clear direction, but communicate the energy and passion to forcefully engage others in a process.” I have read many articles that cite MBAs’ inability to effectively communicate and give presentations. Stern has a great variety of Management Communications courses that build on the soft skills that are necessary to be an effective leader.

The Performing Manager is a three-day intensive course that meets over three Fridays. What I really enjoy about this class is how it draws upon acting, performing and other arts to become a confident, charismatic and passionate speaker. So far, we have done exercises in mirroring, actively listening, and understanding non-verbal body cues. Through this course and Management Communications, a class I took last semester, I have gotten over the anxiety of speaking in public and have become a better presenter. I am pursuing a career in brand management after graduation and giving presentations and getting buy-in from groups is an essential part of the job. These courses are specifically preparing me for success in my career.

Until next time!