Getting to Know Stern

Jessica joined the MBA Admissions team in 2015 and is currently responsible for LGBTQ and Women’s recruiting, marketing, events and customer service for the Full-time MBA programs. Prior to joining Stern, Jessica worked in graduate admissions at Columbia University’s Teachers College and in Hofstra University’s Office of Undergraduate Admission and has read 1000s of applications! Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family & friends, exploring new places and is looking forward to getting back on the road recruiting future Sternies!

As you explore MBA programs, you should consider a few questions. Where do you want to spend 1-2 years of your life? What culture and community do you thrive in? Do you want to stay connected with this community 5 -10 years down the road as you make your next career move or encounter life changes? 

At Stern, IQ+EQ is a hallmark trait – we bring together students and community members who are intellectually strong, professionally accomplished, but also those who are collaborative, empathetic leaders and teammates. This is what I love about Stern – being part of an impressive community that is still down to earth. Culture is incredibly important, but there are other aspects of the Stern experience that make it special. For example, location. Being in the heart of New York City is such a huge part of Stern. We are located in a diverse and vibrant community, and our location gives students access to top notch firms, recruiters, in-semester internships, faculty, speakers & more! Academics is an important consideration as well. Stern’s full-time program is very flexible, allowing students to customize their curriculum and take advantage of our extensive menu of electives courses, including classes at other NYU graduate schools! I can go on and on about Stern, but I’ll summarize it by saying – do your research and get to know the schools you’re applying to. I hope Stern is on your list!

Getting to know Stern

There are many ways to connect with Stern! First, I’d recommend clicking through our website to learn more about our program offerings. I would also suggest checking out our  Meet With Us page to explore more ways to connect with members of the community. I’m sure you want to connect with the admissions committee, but you should also find time to speak with current students. Our students are an invaluable resource in the discovery process (and there are many ways to do it!).

We offer a number of events to help you get to know Stern, including information sessions, “Ask a Sternie” chats with current students and clubs, and mock application workshops with our admissions committee. Events are added regularly – so continue to check our events calendar  to stay up to date! If you’re interested in a Focused MBA program, be sure to check out the “Meet With Us” pages for the Tech MBA and Fashion & Luxury MBA as well.

Prioritizing events 

We offer a variety of ongoing virtual events – it is a great way to connect with us! It is not a requirement to attend events, but rather an opportunity for you to learn more about Stern. For applicants at the beginning of the MBA search, it may be helpful to join an information session. As applicants move along, mock application workshops are a unique way to gain insider tips on crafting an application. We also offer smaller coffee chats and club events that allow for direct interaction with current students where applicants can ask personalized questions. Again, it is not a requirement to attend events, but an important resource that applicants can and should take advantage of!

Additionally, stay in touch after you’ve attended an event! If contact information is shared, please feel free to follow up and stay connected.

Other ways to get to know Stern

Events aren’t the only way to build your familiarity with our MBA programs. If you’re looking to learn more about Stern on the go, you can tune into our student podcast, “Stern Chats”. The ‘chats’ are a fun listen that share excellent insight into life at Stern. The podcast highlights the stories (not just resumes) of key members of the community. You can also read our community blogs and follow our LinkedIn pages to get insight from students and the admissions team:

Unable to attend an event? Watch recordings of past events at a time that’s convenient for you.   

Highlight what you know in your application

You can share your knowledge of Stern in your application. You can include Stern contacts you’ve connected with along the way, or specific clubs or centers you want to get involved in. These specifics are often included in applicant essays, but may also come up in other areas of your application. Additionally, an interview is a great way to showcase knowledge about Stern. I have conducted many successful interviews in which interviewees shared compelling examples of how they connected with Stern and how they want to get involved. Our interviews are not blind, so we’re able to take the conversation to the next level and dig into your interest in Stern and how you plan to contribute to the community.

Have fun during this exploration process! Don’t be shy about reaching out and connecting with us. We love talking about Stern and connecting with prospective students!