The Last Hurrah (or two)

It’s the final countdown! As I write this last blog post, we are just two short weeks away from graduation. Wow. I seriously have no idea where the time went! Everyone is busily finishing up classes, wrapping up the last of their group projects and getting ready for their final exams. Last night was my final presentation and I am officially done with all of my school work! (I somehow planned this spectacularly without even trying, my class projects wrapped up early and I do not have any finals. Awesome). However the end of classes is definitely bittersweet.

We’ve got a crazy couple of weeks ahead with tons of fun activities planned for “senior week.” It is kicking off tonight with the Out Class’s “School’s Out, So Are We” annual party complete with a drag show lip sync contest featuring fellow classmates – definitely one not to be missed. Tomorrow night we have a boat cruise and then next week there is an event planned every night of the week wrapping up with a weekend in Atlantic City.

I am so excited to spend the next two weeks hanging out with my classmates before everyone heads back out into the real world. Within these halls I have formed friendships that I know will last a lifetime. We have spent countless hours together working on group projects, procrastinating in the study rooms, grabbing drinks around campus and traveling the world-it has been awesome.

To the Sternies of the class of 2015, best of luck and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. I would give anything to be back in your shoes and I could not have made a better choice for my MBA than NYU Stern.

You Got In! Now What?

The acceptance letter is just the beginning of your MBA experience. Once you’ve been accepted to Stern get ready for the best time of your life to begin! Even before classes start, you’ll face all kinds of new challenges: financing your degree, readjusting to homework, schmoozing recruiters. I am sure there are tons of questions flying around in your head as you question everything from where to live to what the heck should I do to prepare?
Here are some tips for the next few months before you start school this coming Fall:
Join the Facebook Group
I made the mistake of not joining the class FB group until literally the day before classes started, only to realize that my fellow classmates had been having conversations and organizing meet ups in different cities for months! Join the group ASAP and you will start mixing and mingling with your future classmates.
Read Case Studies and Cocktails
This was a fabulous book all about getting back to the grind of becoming a student, how to manage those notorious recruiting networking circles and how to manage classes, social events and everything in between. It was written by former MBAs who draw on their own experiences in a range of situations, from telling the boss you’re going back to school to balancing wine and cheese in one hand while networking. The book even includes a glossary of need-to-know jargon, so you won’t feel lost when classmates start slinging around fancy acronyms.
The Great Housing Hunt
One of the many questions I am constantly asked by prospective students is about housing. So here is a little run down on what you can expect when re-locating to NYC. It’s no secret that New York is one of the most expensive cities on the planet, but despite that fact that you won’t be making a salary for the next two years there are affordable options out there.
The majority of the students in my class live in or around the East Village. We spend most of our waking hours somewhere around the Stern campus whether in the building, going to events or hanging with friends at local bar, so it is a logical location and one of the more affordable neighborhoods. There are plenty of people (myself included) who live all over this great city from the upper west side to the financial district to Brooklyn and the neighborhood I call home, Hell’s Kitchen.
Living with a roomie is a great way to help ease the financial burden of rent. Tons of my fellow classmates live together or with other roommates outside of Stern. Pre-View weekend and the class Facebook group is a great way to get in touch with other classmates on the roommate hunt. Some great sites to check out for NYC listings are and of course there is always
On campus housing is an alternative to finding an apartment on your own. The Palladium is by far one of the nicer dorm buildings I have seen, has a full gym and pool. Not to worry, there is a separate floor for Graduate students so you won’t be mixing with the undergrads. If you know you want to live in campus housing I would recommend applying for that as soon as possible.
Get a head start on recruiting
Recruiting for summer internships starts up just about the minute you enter school in the Fall. If you have some time to research companies you are interested in working for and the type of position you want, you will have a huge leg up once the recruiting season starts and your calendar is filled with corporate presentations and networking events.
Enjoy the summer!
This is by far the most important and something I wish I had taken more advantage of. I worked up until the beginning of August and really wish I had taken the time off to travel or do just about anything else! The next two years are going to be the busiest time of your entire life, so take the summer to catch up with friends and family and enjoy yourself before the madness begins. (Don’t worry, it’s the best kind of madness there is).
If you have more questions, definitely contact our MBA Graduate Ambassadors at who are happy to speak with you all about getting ready to join the NYU Stern community!
Until next time,

Jam Packed Stern Weekend

Hello Friends!

Now that we are in the homestretch until graduation, all of us MBA2s are trying to pack in as much Stern as possible over these next 6 weeks. The end of this week is jam packed with some pretty cool events that I have definitely been looking forward to for a while now. Especially since they combine two of my favorite things – food and cover bands!

This afternoon is the annual Stern Passport Day one of my favorite events. Celebrating the rich cultural heritage of NYU Stern’s student body, hundreds of current students, prospective students, faculty and staff gather each year for the NYU Stern International Passport Day. The event serves as an opportunity to experience Stern’s diversity firsthand, as students get to share their country’s unique heritage by showcasing traditional cuisine, costumes, music and/or performances.  It is an awesome event, with tons of delicious food and really great dance performances.

Later on tonight is the spring performance of Beauty School Dropouts, Stern’s very own MBA cover band. The band is performing at Sullivan Hall just around the corner and it is sure to be a super fun night!

Bright and early tomorrow morning I’ll be attending the EEX Club’s Entrepreneurship Summit. The club has decided to change up the traditional way of doing conferences and has planned a day full of mini treks to different start-ups all around the city including FourSquare, Warby Parker, and so many more. Can’t wait to check out these awesome companies first hand!

Happy weekend!


Entrepreneurship at Stern Just Got Even More Awesome

Hello friends,

As my classmates and friends returned from their spring break trips in Costa Rica, South Africa and many other amazing places with great stories and even better tans I’ll admit I was definitely a tiny bit jealous. I spent most of spring break in the empty study rooms here at Stern working diligently with my business partner on our start-up [you can read more about that here]. At the end of the week we headed off to exotic Dallas, Texas for Dallas market week to attend some fashion trade shows and to meet with brands and suppliers to begin developing relationships and figuring out how the wholesale buying process works.

Despite the fact that I was not sitting on a beach somewhere, it was pretty awesome to have a week completely free of classes and other school distractions to work on my business and I am so proud of the progress we were able to make! Now that graduation is becoming more of a reality (less than two months, ahhhhh!) I have begun to think about life after NYU as an aspiring entrepreneur and I will admit it is both equally exciting and terrifying. Resources for entrepreneurs here at Stern continue to get better and better right before my very eyes and are definitely helping to make the transition a little less stressful. Aside from the annual Berkley Center$200K Entrepreneurs Challenge which you may have heard of, we have just announced a very exciting new program, the NYU Launch Pad!

The Launch Pad, NYU’s own version of a start-up incubator, is a 10 week summer program for graduating NYU and NYU-Poly student teams to accelerate their new ventures forward. Through a combination of workshops, speaker series, and mentorship sessions, startup founders will learn lean startup principles to guide the development of their business models and prototypes, have access to a co-working space at NYU-Poly’s Varick Street Incubator, establish connections with members of the NYC startup community, and Showcase their startup to potential collaborators, investors, and partners at a capstone showcase. You can read more details about this new program here. This is definitely a step in the right direction for all of NYU’s aspiring entrepreneurs and I can’t wait to see what fantastic companies emerge!

Until next time,


Spring Break!

Hello friends,

Just one more day stands between me and a week off for Spring Break! It seems like this semester is literally FLYING by, how is it Spring Break already? I have some classes coming to an end in just two weeks and graduation is looming just around the corner. Two years is just not long enough!

I am pretty excited for my Spring Break plans this year. Unlike some of my other classmates who are jetting off to exotic locations like South Africa and Cost Rica, I am spending my break here in NYC working with my partner on the business we are starting-up. We are working on building an e-commerce retailer dedicated to the modern career girl, complete with styling and career advice. (You can check out the beginning of our site here It will be great to have a full week of uninterrupted time for us to really make some progress and get down to business as we have quite a bit of work ahead of us before we are ready to launch! Although I will be taking a 2 day mini break to Miami, FL to get in some sunshine and hang out at Ultra Music Festival for the weekend first. Not too shabby.

One of the awesome parts about Stern is the club treks that take place over Spring Break. All of the clubs organize trips to different destinations around the world from Morocco to Brazil to Israel. Last year I joined the Emerging Markets Association(EMA) on the Peru trek which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The trip was unbelievable from white water rafting and mountain biking in Cuzco, to hiking the rain forest to the breathtaking sites of Machu Picchu. This year the EMA is heading to Vietnam and Cambodia and I am sure everyone going is in for a fabulous adventure.

Until next time!



Think Social Drink Local

Happy weekend! It’s Thursday and that is technically the start of the weekend for most Sternies. We do not have classes on Friday and Thursday nights at beer blast is where everyone tends to let off a little steam from the week. On tap for this weekend is one of my favorite Stern events, “Think Social Drink Local” (more lovingly known in these halls as TSDL)!

The Social Enterprise Association and the Luxury & Retail Club are co-hosting the 8th Annual TSDL event, a fundraiser, runway fashion show featuring Stern students and essentially an all-out awesome party. Students and administrators strut their stuff on the runway while the rest of us non-models enjoy food and beverages from some fabulous NY establishments such as Murray’s Cheese, Brooklyn Brewery, The NY Distilling Co. and so many more. Proceeds from the event support NYU Stern’s Social Impact Internship Fund which provides funding for Stern MBA students who spend their summers working for non-profit and social impact-based businesses. This year’s theme, I Love New York, focuses on New York-based designers and locally produced food and beverage offerings. The event highlights the economic impact of locally-minded consumption and the importance of small businesses to a thriving local community.

This is by far one of the best parties of the year and also supports a great cause. Check out the video here to see highlights from last year’s event!


Inside the Stern Community

As the application process is just about winding down, we have had the opportunity to meet and talk with so many prospective students over the past few months.  I thought I would use this blog post to answer one of the most popular questions I have received from many of you and give you another peak into what makes NYU Stern such an awesome place to be.

Something that stands out about Stern and has made this experience truly incredible, surpassing all of my expectations of business school, is the Stern community. I can honestly say I have never met such a diverse group of brilliant, talented, friendly people! Shout out to my fellow classmates – YOU. GUYS.  ARE. AWESOME.

Everyone here at Stern is extremely collaborative, whether we are working together on a project for the Stern Consulting Corps, coming up with a new business idea for our Digital Strategy class project or studying together for a much dreaded accounting midterm.  Each day I continue to be impressed with my classmates’ desire to help one another out.  I have never once felt in competition with my classmates or that anyone was looking out for anything other than my very best interest. I have made friendships that I know will last a lifetime, expanded my network to an incredible group of people and really feel like Stern is a community that I will always be able to call home.

During the month of January while I was a first year I participated in Mock Madness, a recruiting even hosted by the GMA {Graduate Marketing Association}. Mock madness was a full week where my fellow classmates and I prepped each other for interviews, spending countless hours mock interviewing each other, sharing feedback and helping each other present their absolute best selves for their interviews. This is a shining example of how the Stern community truly pulls together in an “us against the world” mentality. Despite the fact that we were all interviewing for some of the same companies and the same internships, it never once felt like a competition.

This speaks not just to my fellow students but to the professors and faculty here at Stern as well. I have found that all of my professors are extremely accessible and their door is always open (as long as you can find their office) to help with questions about the class, share advice on projects or just generally chat about interesting issues. It is a rare thing to be in the presence of so many brilliant minds and I have made sure to take full advantage of the opportunity.

If you haven’t already, I would encourage all of you to come and visit us for a tour, class visit or just a casual chat with our Graduate Ambassadors as you will get a great feel for what the Stern community is really all about!

Until next time,



From SE Asia to Napa!

Hello prospective MBA’ers! Happy 2013! This is my first post this year and so far 2013 is off to an amazing start. As many of my fellow students have posted about, I also spent much of January break traveling around South East Asia with Stern friends which was definitely the trip of a lifetime! I hopped around the islands of Thailand, Bangkok and Bali meeting up with different Sternies in each place. I’ve definitely caught the travel bug, since now just two weeks later I am blogging to you straight from a coach bus full of Sternies en route to Napa, CA. Each February the Cellar Club organizes a weekend long trek to Napa, California where we visit many of the amazing wineries the region has to offer. Just like many of the treks over Spring Break, the Cellar Trek is a great opportunity to visit a new place and hang out with your classmates outside from the walls of Stern. I am so excited for a weekend full of wine tasting, delicious food, warm weather and lots of bonding with 50 of my fellow MBA students. February is definitely not my favorite month in NYC and I was pretty pumped to leave the 30 degree snowy weather behind for a weekend of sunshine and high 70’s. Hope your application process is going well and we are excited to meet many of you when you visit us for a tour, class visit or interview!

Until next time,

The Internship: Navigating the Non-traditional Job Search

Although summer seems like a distant memory at this point in the semester, I wanted to take an opportunity to share a little bit about my summer internship experience and more specifically the path that led me there.  I spent this past summer working for a very small (read: I was employee #3!) fashion start-up here in NYC called Little Borrowed Dress, an online bridal boutique offering bridesmaid dresses for rent online.  The company was started by an LBS grad and after having my fair share of bridesmaids dresses taking up space in my closet, I immediately fell in love with the idea and knew this was a business I could totally get behind. This was by no means your traditional MBA internship in the regard that there was no structured program, no intern class and no set outline of what my summer would look like. There was also…no salary…(gasp!). After spending the six years prior to business school working for a large corporate retailer, this was exactly the experience I was looking for.  I absolutely loved everything about my summer and wouldn’t have traded any part of the invaluable experience for a paying, corporate internship!

I knew coming into Stern that I wanted the start-up experience to see what it was like in real time to be an entrepreneur running your own business and what it was like to work in that environment. Working in such a small environment, it is completely an all hands on deck mentality, so my role was not very clearly defined, although I spent a large part of my time strategizing new marketing initiatives for the brand, developing our social media presence and doing market research to learn as much as possible about our customers. One of the benefits of working in such a small company is that I was able to implement so many of my ideas in real time. If I came up with a cool email campaign idea, like sending out color inspiration images to customers who requested free fabric swatches, I was able to execute it by the end of the day. There were no layers to go through, no process that needed approving, it was truly up to me to make these decisions and act on them to see what stuck. I also had the benefit of attending every meeting with my boss, from investor pitches, to potential collaborators, etc.

As I am sure you will read in many of the posts on this blog, the recruiting process is a huge part of your time here are Stern and definitely occupies most of the first semester of your first year, especially if you are following a traditional path like consulting, banking, marketing, etc. However, as someone planning to go a non-traditional route, my experience was quite different. I spent the first semester going to some corporate presentations just to hear what they had to say, but really focused on developing my network and talking to as many people as possible to figure out what opportunities were out there for me in the world of start-ups. For those of you interested in pursuing opportunities at a start-up, here are my tips for finding your perfect internship:


Go to events for the industry you are interested in. While most of my classmates spent their first semester preparing for corporate presentations and attending meet and greets with the companies that came on campus, I went to as many events for the fashion & tech industries as I could. Through the clubs here on campus like EEX (The Entrepreneur’s Exchange) and the Luxury & Retail Club, as well as outside of Stern through groups like Meetup, I  was able to find out  about all sorts of events such as the Fashion Digital NY conference, the EEX Speaker Series, and Future of Fashion at The Projective Space. I took the opportunity to network and talk to people to get an idea of what kinds of start-ups they were working on, what they were looking for in interns, etc. This is definitely the hard part and something that put me waaaay outside of my comfort zone. But you just gotta do it.  It was at one of these events that I got to chatting with a woman who worked for a small e-commerce start-up herself, but had a friend who was starting a bridesmaid dress business and was looking for interns. After a few more conversations and a meeting with my future boss, my internship was secured.


Keep up with industry news and happenings. Read blogs, follow industry leaders on twitter and keep yourself informed with what is going on not only in the world of start-ups but also in the industry you are interested in. Some fabulous blogs about the NY start-up scene that I would recommend are Wakefield: Start-up Stories Daily, TechCrunch, and Mashable . Here is a list of some great blogs for entrepreneurs.


One thing start-ups look for when bringing new members onto their team is passion. They want someone who truly believes in the company vision and can add value to the organization. This is something you need to show, not tell.  After you have done your research, choose a few companies that you really love and start digging in. Show them you want to work there by doing some work up front before you get the internship offer. For example, research their current social media efforts and come up with suggestions on what they can improve or new campaigns they can launch. Spend time on their website navigating the user experience and come up with a plan for points that can be better executed. Research their competition to see what they are doing better and learn best practices. If you have some ideas to bring to the table when first meeting with your potential new boss, they will no doubt be wow’ed by your dedication and effort.

Until next time,