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US Should be Concerned about Europe says Prof. Tom Cooley

Professor Tom Cooley, former NYU Stern┬áDean, spoke with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg TV’s Bottom Line about the stability of the European financial system and European banks. Professor Cooley notes that the levels of systemic risk in the European banking system … Continue reading

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NYU Stern’s Cooley, Richardson & Schoenholtz on the Euro Exit

NYU Stern Finance & Economics professors have co-authored a new op-ed in the Huffington Post. In “The Euro Exit,” Tom Cooley, Matt Richardson and Kim Schoenholz explore history to analyze the crisis that Europe would ensue in the event of … Continue reading

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Professor Thomas Cooley Addresses the Eurozone Crisis

NYU Stern Economics Professor Thomas Cooley is quoted on Europe’s sovereign debt crisis in The New York Times. Yesterday’s summit meeting in Brussels failed to bring Europe’s leaders to a consensus on the necessary next steps for coping with the … Continue reading

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How Shape-Shifting Banks Foil Dodd-Frank Act

In a new Bloomberg op-ed, NYU Stern economists┬áThomas Cooley and Kim Schoenholtz criticize banks for spinning off their investment activities to avoid compliance with Dodd-Frank. They propose that regulations should target financial instruments and markets instead of just the institutions. … Continue reading

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The Battle Over Money Funds

In a new op-ed, NYU Stern Economists Thomas Cooley and Kim Schoenholtz discuss the regulation of money market funds. Historically, the US government guarantee of money market fund liabilities created moral hazard for banks and led to widespread systemic risk. … Continue reading

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