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Professor Ian Bremmer Explains the Evolution and Costs of Cyber Warfare

The following is an excerpt from an recent op-ed by Professor Ian Bremmer published in TIME: Hackers aren’t only in the game to damage governments—sometimes good old-fashioned robbery is enough. The FBI had to notify over 3,000 U.S. companies that … Continue reading

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Banks’ Financial Reporting and Financial System Stability by Prof. Viral Acharya

The use of accounting measures and disclosures in bank contracts and in regulation suggests that the quality of banks’ financial reporting is central to the efficacy of market discipline and non-market mechanisms in limiting bank debt and risk overhang in … Continue reading

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Prof. Robert Engle Discusses Recent “Flash Crash” Arrest

In a recent article on Reuters, Professor Robert Engle shared his perspective on the arrest of Navinder Singh Sarao, a UK trader who is though to be responsible for the 2010 “flash crash.” In this crash on May 6th, 2010, almost $1 … Continue reading

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Prof. Nouriel Roubini Discusses a Greek Exit from the Euro

In a recent interview with Bloomberg Business, Professor Nouriel Roubini discussed the implications of the “Grexit,” or what the Greek exit from the euro would look like. Professor Roubini described the exit as a “massive contagion” that would highly stress other … Continue reading

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Nobel Laureate Robert Engle Delivers Inaugural “Gallatin Lecture Series on Banking”

NYU Stern Professor and Nobel Laureate Robert Engle delivered the inaugural session of the Gallatin Lecture Series on Banking, the first of four lectures jointly hosted by NYU Stern and The Clearing House. His presentation, titled Prospects for Financial Stability, drew … Continue reading

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