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Prof. Richard Sylla on Janet Yellen’s appointment to the Federal Reserve

The following is an excerpt from CNC News: U.S. Senate on Monday confirmed Janet Yellen as the next head of the Federal Reserve, to replace the outgoing Fed chairman Ben Bernanke whose term ends at the end of this month. … Continue reading

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Nouriel Roubini on The Fed’s Bond Buying Program

The following is an excerpt from the Economic Times: “First 2008 Recession, now Fed: US Economist Roubini aka ‘Dr. Doom’ predicts correctly.” MUMBAI: The US Federal Reserve decided to maintain its pace of monetary stimulus on Wednesday, wrong-footing many global economists who … Continue reading

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Prof. Richard Sylla in New Fed Documentary “Money for Nothing”

NYU Stern Professor and Financial Historian Richard Sylla is featured in a new documentary about the Federal Reserve: “Money for Nothing.” The movie examines the future of the Federal Reserve and its impact on the American economy and society and … Continue reading

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NYU Stern’s Bill Silber on the Federal Reserve’s Next Chief

NYU Stern Professor Bill Silber was quoted in the Wall Street Journal, regarding the upcoming departure of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke in January. Silber notes the impact that new leadership might have on the Fed and its policy-making. “When … Continue reading

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Professor Silber’s Reaction to the Federal Reserve Minutes

Professor Silber reacts to the recently release Federal Reserve minutes on Bloomberg TV’s Bottom Line with Mark Crumpton. Watch Professor Silber discuss Europe, the Federal Open Market Committee’s meeting minutes, and excessive risk. William Silber is Professor of Finance at … Continue reading

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