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“The End of Market Discipline? Investor Expectations of Implicit Government Guarantees” by Professor Viral Acharya

Professor Viral Acharya and his co-authors, Deniz Anginer of Virginia Tech and the World Bank and A. Joseph Warburton of Syracuse University, find that bondholders of major financial institutions have an expectation that the government will shield them from large … Continue reading

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Bloomberg Highlights Viral Acharya’s Research on the Repo Market

Bloomberg featured NYU Stern Professor Viral Acharya’s research in an article about fire sales risk and repo market reforms. Excerpt from Bloomberg –“A so-called resolution authority for the repo market, to orderly liquidate repurchase agreements and prevent fire sales of underlying assets … Continue reading

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US Dept of the Treasury’s Financial Research Advisory Committee Gets a New Member

Nobel Laureate Robert Engle, Michael Armellino Professor of Management and Financial Services and Director of NYU Stern’s Volatility Institute, will serve as a member of the Financial Research Advisory Committee for the new Office of Financial Research (OFR) at the … Continue reading

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How Shape-Shifting Banks Foil Dodd-Frank Act

In a new Bloomberg op-ed, NYU Stern economists Thomas Cooley and Kim Schoenholtz criticize banks for spinning off their investment activities to avoid compliance with Dodd-Frank. They propose that regulations should target financial instruments and markets instead of just the institutions. … Continue reading

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