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Roubini Predicts US will go into sequester

Nouriel Roubini, spoke on Yahoo! Finance’s The Daily Ticker with Aaron Task about his views on the upcoming March 1st sequester deadline. Roubini, anticipating that the US will go into sequester, discusses its financial and economic implications. View the interview … Continue reading

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Alumnus Lee Sun Discusses his MSRM Experience

Lee Sun, MSRM Class of 2012, is a Beijing-based director of the board of Bank of Jilin, a Chinese commercial bank, as well as a member of its risk management committee and chairman of its strategy committee. His primary work … Continue reading

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Register Today! NYU Stern Conference: The Return of Private Capital to the Mortgage Market

The Center for Real Estate Finance Research (CREFR) and Marc H. Bell, General Partner of Barbican Capital invite you to Stern for a full-day conference on March 5th, 2013 on the future of the U.S. housing finance system. (This conference … Continue reading

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Professor Silber’s Reaction to the Federal Reserve Minutes

Professor Silber reacts to the recently release Federal Reserve minutes on Bloomberg TV’s Bottom Line with Mark Crumpton. Watch Professor Silber discuss Europe, the Federal Open Market Committee’s meeting minutes, and excessive risk. William Silber is Professor of Finance at … Continue reading

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Breaking the bank-sovereign nexus

The following Op-ed was written by Viral Acharya on, “Breaking the bank-sovereign nexus: The ownership structure of India‚Äôs debt seems problematic from the view of financial and economic stability” The unique feature of the global financial crisis that began … Continue reading

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