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Time to Blackball Russia’s Autocratic State

In a Financial Times op-ed, Nouriel Roubini, NYU Stern Professor and Chairman of Roubini Global Economics and Ian Bremmer, President of Eurasia Group, address Russia’s economic development. They argue that Russia’s authoritarian political state is prohibiting its growth into a … Continue reading

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Professor Thomas Cooley Addresses the Eurozone Crisis

NYU Stern Economics Professor Thomas Cooley is quoted on Europe’s sovereign debt crisis in The New York Times. Yesterday’s summit meeting in Brussels failed to bring Europe’s leaders to a consensus on the necessary next steps for coping with the … Continue reading

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Dimon’s $23 Million Payday Isn’t the Problem

In a new op-ed, NYU Stern Professors Ingo Walter and Jennifer Carpenter address risk exposure and incentive systems in financial institutions. They argue that the root of the┬áproblem is the underpriced government guarantees that incentivize risk taking, not executive compensation … Continue reading

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How Did the Original J.P. Morgan Do It?

Professor Thomas Philippon’s research is highlighted in a new Bloomberg Businessweek article. His research suggests that despite substantial innovations in finance since the 1900s, only limited evidence exists to support the theory that market prices are more efficient today. He … Continue reading

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Desperately Seeking a Bailout for Spain and its Banks

Nouriel Roubini, Professor at NYU Stern and Megan Greene, Senior Economist at Roubini Global Economics address solutions for Spain’s insolvency in “Desperately Seeking a Bailout for Spain and its Banks,” a new op-ed in the Financial Times. They stress that … Continue reading

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