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Don’t Gamble Your Company’s Reputation on Data Governance

Professors Vasant Dhar and Arun Sundararajan comment on the increasing challenge of data governance. Over the last two decades, the primary contribution of information technologies in firms has been about efficiency and enablement: to improve processes, make people more productive, … Continue reading

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The 10 Banks Which Pose the Greatest Systemic Risk

The NYU Stern Systemic Risk Rankings, developed under Nobel Laureate Professor Robert Engle are featured. James Hamilton unearthed a pretty interesting tool from NYU Stern that helps calculate the systemic risk of specific financial institutions. He recently described the process … Continue reading

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Continued Recovery of the US Economy

Professor Ingo Walter believes that the US fiscal policy has to be addressed as a matter of national urgency. Watch video here

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Guaranteed to Fail: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the debacle of mortgage finance

Professors Viral Acharya and Matthew Richardson talk to Viv Davies about their recent book ‘Guaranteed to Fail:Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Debacle of Mortgage Finance’. Originally set up as government sponsored enterprises, the financial collapse of Fannie Mae and … Continue reading

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Flash Crash Adviser Says More Work Needed to Prevent Another

Nobel Laureate Professor┬áRobert Engle on last year’s “flash crash” on Reuters Insider. Watch video here Read Flash Crash Advisory Committee’s recommendations here  

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