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Failures of the Dodd-Frank Act

Professor Viral Acharya examines the Dodd-Frank Act Last month, Friedrich Hayek’s classic “The Road to Serfdom”, a warning against the dangers of excessive state control, was the number one bestseller on Amazon. At the same time, the foundation of much … Continue reading

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Derivatives Compromise All About Enforcement

Professor Viral Acharya says ‘seperately capitalized’ derivatives arms could be easily spun off. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, bankers might be reticent to say anything critical of the legislative compromise on derivatives. But if they … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy Scores: 18 Riskiest Retail Stocks

Prof. Edward Altman’s Z-Score was used to identify the 18 riskiest retail stocks. Retail risks are still a major concern, as consumer spending remains skittish and the job market continues to worry shoppers. The economic downturn has, of course, already … Continue reading

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