My Experience with the Langone IGNITE Program

I have been participating in the Langone IGNITE program this year and have greatly benefited from the experience.  The Langone IGNITE program is an on-campus recruiting preparation program offered by The Career Center for Working Professionals (CCWP) for soon-to-graduate Langone MBA students. Successfully completing the Langone IGNITE is mandatory to participate in on-campus recruitment for Langone students.

To be eligible for participating in Langone IGNITE program, students should have met the following criteria:

  1. Completed the Basic Core Requirements: The Basic Core includes coursework that encompasses Leadership in Organizations, Firms and Markets, Statistics and Data Analysis, and Financial Accounting and Reporting.
  2. Have selected a graduation date of January, May or September in our internal system for the year following the recruiting process.

Generally, CCWP invites students who have completed the Basic Core Requirements and are in their last year of the Langone Part-time MBA program to participate in IGNITE in early January. The program consists of five online training modules and four live coaching events. The program follows a strict schedule with expectations that students successfully complete the modules and attend events. Missing a requirement will result in students being disqualified from the rest of the program. The training modules are delivered online, while the events are held on-campus with support from CCWP coaches. This mode of delivery greatly aids Langone students, especially those who travel from out of the city to successfully keep up with the program.

I started with the overview module in January, which oriented me to the requirements and timeline. As per the suggestion offered by the trainer, I scheduled all the deadlines of the following modules on my calendar. This proved to be extremely useful in making sure I met the program requirements.

I found the networking module particularly useful because it taught me that as professionals, we are always interviewing whether be it for a new job, a promotion or to be part of the next big project in the company. The networking module opened doors to the Professional Pitch Practice session with a CCWP coach. The pitch practice was in a small group setting, where we got to practice our pitch, gain feedback from the group and the coach, and then refine the pitch further.

Going in, I had undervalued the Resume Module and Resume Prep events. As a professional, I had fine-tuned my resume multiple times and thought I might not gain much from these sessions. However, I was pleasantly surprised. First, I had to learn about the NYU Stern Resume Template which is only a page long, whereas, I had been operating with a 2-page resume for a couple of years now and had to pick what skills and accomplishments I had to highlight. Further, my resume editor/coach from the CCWP provided some deep insights on how I can present my skillset better. Now, I feel my resume is more succinct and focused.

I am only part way through my interview module and coaching events, having just completed my technical mock interview a few weeks ago. The interview training module provides a general overview to the interview process and helps highlight some key interview must-dos such as creating a narrative and illustrating accomplishments using vignettes. Technical mock interviews are specialized based on career focus. I picked Consulting and had an opportunity to participate in a mock-case interview. The feedback report that my interview coach provided was beneficial and helped me understand where I met expectations and where I could do better.

I am excited about participating and completing my Behavioral Mock interview and the Recruiting Module. Based on my learnings so far, I would suggest perspective Langone IGNITE participants the following:

  1. Make sure you complete training modules in full before deadline and attend the events on time. A lot of students sign up to participate in the Langone IGNITE but not everybody completes. Remember, successful completion of Langone IGNITE is a requirement to participate in On-campus recruiting
  2. Clubs organize events around Langone IGNITE, for example the Management Consulting Association (MCA) organizes a 5-part boot camp that is very helpful if you want to target the consulting industry. Make sure you sign up for these.
  3. CCWP coaches welcome 1-on-1 feedback sessions, whether be it be for bouncing ideas on career changes or to help clean -up your resume. I would recommend augmenting the Langone IGNITE sessions and training by working with a coach in CCWP.

Although the Langone IGNITE program is optional for Langone Sternies, I would highly recommend participating. Simply put, it teaches essential skills in a structured format that we as professionals will probably use more, than that exotic elective we took while at Stern.

Nikhil Hulluru

About Nikhil Hulluru

Nikhil Hulluru splits his time between Vermont and New York City. In Vermont, Nikhil works as a Strategy Analyst (Supply Chain Management) for Keurig Green Mountain where he gets to plan and lead medium to long term supply chain transformation projects. In NYC, Nikhil attends the weekend Langone MBA program at NYU Stern specializing in Finance, Management and Strategy. He is actively involved in Stern's community and participates in the International Committee and Community Services Clubs, and Langone Student Government activities such as the weekly happy hour. In his off time, you can find him travelling in planes, trains and automobiles, performing stand-up comedy, volunteering, fixing old electronics or reading a book in a park.

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