Why I Applied to the Langone MBA

Views from my home in Vermont and wonderful Washington Square Park

Views from my home in Vermont and wonderful Washington Square Park

When I was considering applying to the Langone program, I was repeatedly asked two similar questions by my co-workers and friends: “Why not go for a full-time program?” and “Have you considered an Online MBA?”

I get where the questions were coming from. I live in Vermont and most people would be aghast with my motivation to travel 6 hours to school. But really, the Langone program at NYU was a perfect fit to my requirements. So perfect that it was the only school I applied to. If I were to dissect my motivation, I would say it was primarily due to three reasons:

  1. The program complemented my career path
  2. It made great financial sense
  3. I wanted an in-class MBA experience

Peeling away from a great career for 2 years to pursue a full-time MBA is a hard choice to make. I had great career momentum at my company and didn’t want to break it; rather I wanted to accelerate it. Moreover, I already had spent two years in graduate school pursuing masters in engineering and so it made less sense for me to take another break from my applied career. Indeed, I was at a point in my life where I didn’t want to risk hunting for a job after graduation.

Financially, I wanted to get an education without adding any student debt. Given the cost of an MBA and the dearth of available scholarships, I knew I would be drained financially if I went for a full-time program. Essentially, if I managed to study while working, my company’s support for education combined with my salary would help me avoid going into debt.

Given all of these considerations, I essentially narrowed my scope down to Online MBA programs or the Langone program at NYU (geographically the only school that I could see myself travelling to). After attending a few information sessions for leading online MBA programs, I felt that while the online option was attractive in its flexibility, it had major limitations. Despite the advent of technology, the in-class communication did not flow easily and this directly impacted how cases studies were taught. Additionally, I felt online MBAs due to the lack of (or limited) in-person contact could not facilitate building strong social networks.

Finally, attending the Langone information session at Stern sealed the deal for me. At the event I spoke to a few current Langone students who traveled to NYC for classes. They helped me to alleviate my anxieties and lay to rest any apprehensions I had and helped me take my first step to being a Sternie – by applying. Looking back I have loved every moment of my Langone experience and I hope that I made my own Russell’s teapot of individual preference, career choice and financial sensibility part of joining the Langone program.

Nikhil Hulluru

About Nikhil Hulluru

Nikhil Hulluru splits his time between Vermont and New York City. In Vermont, Nikhil works as a Strategy Analyst (Supply Chain Management) for Keurig Green Mountain where he gets to plan and lead medium to long term supply chain transformation projects. In NYC, Nikhil attends the weekend Langone MBA program at NYU Stern specializing in Finance, Management and Strategy. He is actively involved in Stern's community and participates in the International Committee and Community Services Clubs, and Langone Student Government activities such as the weekly happy hour. In his off time, you can find him travelling in planes, trains and automobiles, performing stand-up comedy, volunteering, fixing old electronics or reading a book in a park.

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