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NYU has a wealth of specializations available for Langone students to choose from and it can be quite daunting for an incoming student to determine what they want. The truth is: you do not need to decide so quickly! I will take you on my own journey as well as provide some input from classmates of mine that will hopefully help set your mind at ease.

I studied Computer Science as an undergraduate student and continued along that path in my career with a focus on supply chain related software (first ERP software and then demand planning software). As I entered the Langone program, I thought it made perfect sense for me to specialize in Supply Chain Management.

As I proceeded through my core classes at Stern, two things happened. First, I found from the core Marketing and Finance classes that I was actually very interested in those topics. Second, I moved to another role in my work that was not related to supply chain management.

Now I am in the Fall semester of my last year in the Langone program and have confidently made the decision to specialize in Management, Marketing and Finance. The Management specialization provides me with the flexibility to choose different classes to improve my overall management skills and the Marketing and Finance specializations allow me to significantly bolster my knowledge in those areas.

The core classes had a large impact on me and opened up worlds to me that I had never experienced before. My biggest suggestion to everyone would be to complete your core courses before you fully align on a specialization track. I understand that some people come to NYU with a specific purpose in mind, but if you have not been introduced to all topics before, you may be in for a surprise as to what really interests you.

For example, some of the people who entered the Langone program at the same time as me came in with a specific specialization in mind and have continued on that track. Some of them have made the decision to not specialize in anything and instead pick and choose the courses that sound the most interesting to them. Many others have had similar experiences to me, where they really learned what they wanted after completing their core classes.

No matter which group you fit into, the Langone program will support you and provide you the flexibility to make it happen. And, if you are like me and are seeing many of these topics for the first time, the core classes will be invaluable to you.

Do not fret about choosing a specialization and know that no matter which path you take, it will be a meaningful one for you.

Andrew Plummer

About Andrew Plummer

Andrew is a student in the Langone Part-time MBA program specializing in Management, Marketing and Finance. He works as an IT Business Partnership Manager at Mars, Inc. Andrew is expecting to graduate in May 2017.

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