I Flew South For Winter


Posing for a picture after a hike through the coffee berries.

As I sit in Costa Rica on my Spring DBi, I am interested in reflecting on what this experience really affords me, and why these opportunities to travel all over the world are so important to my business education.

Besides the lovely free time activities like lounging at the beach, walking around a volcano, and drinking from coconuts that had just fallen from a tree, Stern’s Doing Business in… (DBi) program allows me to view the world from the perspective of the people that live here and learn more about their priorities. I must admit that prior to my time in Costa Rica I had a few misconceptions about what the country and the culture is like, and how businesses should be run.

Sternies take a walk through the hardhat area at the Coffee Collective

Sternies take a walk through the hardhat area at the Coffee Collective

Costa Rica has an amazing perspective on how to empower their communities and provide jobs that will bring more security to the people. Through the many corporate visits and lectures it has become evident that the well-being and growth of the people, more so than the profits, is of the utmost importance. This is just one tiny example of what kind of knowledge is learned by actually traveling and participating in an experiential learning environment.  I have learned so much more than I expected about sustainability in the last 3 days than I ever would have thought. Not only that, but this information is directly transferable to my work in New York and will have an effect on how I run my future businesses and investments.

From the top of the La Paz Volcano in Costa Rica.

From the top of the La Paz Volcano in Costa Rica.

The NYU Stern DBi Program is an amazing asset to the education in the Langone Part-time MBA Program.  The professors are highly engaged and the programming lends itself to amazing growth and learning. After chatting with other Sternie’s, I’ve learned that their experiences have been similar across the DBi options. They too recommend the DBi program and feel like their lives have been enriched in different ways. So from the rooftop pool, the reflections glinting off of the water seem to be all positive on my second DBI. The best experiences really do come out of the most unexpected learning opportunities.

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