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Graduate Marketing Association, 2014 Trek

Graduate Marketing Association, 2014 Trek

One of the things I am grateful for at Stern is the #ClubLife.  There are clubs for everyone and everything.  Cultural Clubs, Food Clubs, Adventure Clubs, and Business Clubs for every industry.  You name it, Stern has it.  I have memberships in a few myself, however, with all of the events they offer, it’s hard to make it to everything. The clubs are all different in their own way, but they also offer some great things across the board.

The first and best thing about having so many options for clubs are the many friends you meet at all of the events.  It is a great way to create lasting relationships with people in your program and outside of your program.  For example, I have made a good number of connections with people in the full time program who add value and fun to my experiences at Stern.

Another great thing about the club offerings at Stern is the versatility. There are so many options and you can be a part of a lot of clubs or just a select few.  You can be in business clubs, hobby clubs, or cultural clubs.  The events they offer are just as variable, from breakfast chats to happy hours and, my favorite, the treks.  With the Entertainment Media and Technology Association I have trekked to Viacom, HBO, & Starz to name a couple.

Langone Student Government, 2014

Langone Student Government, 2014

Lastly, one of the most important aspects of B-School is networking.  The clubs at Stern are run so efficiently and closely with the school and other student groups, that the opportunities for networking with people who have the same interests and values is extremely high. You are constantly connecting the dots with people who really vibe with you and understand what you are all about.

To all of my Stern family that I have met through clubs: I love you.  To all of the people working hard to make the club experience amazing: Thank You!  The #ClubLife at Stern is another piece of the puzzle that makes Stern what it is. I have had some of my best experiences ever through clubs and their events.

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