Not Just a Network: Making the Most of Social Life at Stern

With the packed November line-up of social events approaching, I reflect upon the ample opportunities the Langone MBA provides for socializing and expanding your network beyond the classroom.  This month alone, the Langone Student Government (in partnership with SGov) has organized the 5-Business School Mixer (November 7th), the Fall NYU Stern Student-Alumni Mixer (November 13th), and NYU Stern Charity Ball (November 14th)—all of which are highly anticipated, well-attended annual events at Stern. It’s easy to miss the opportunity to socialize with your peers in the Langone program, given our around-the-clock schedules between work and school, but the reality is it’s also a mistake to let those chances pass you by, and events such as these provide the chance to not only have fun and take a break from your hectic Langone lifestyle, but also, to foster new relationships and strengthen existing ones, which will last long after graduation passes.

The 5-Business School Mixer is an annual event held each Fall for students in the MBA programs at Pace (Lubin School of Business), Columbia, NYU Stern, Baruch (Zicklin School of Business), and Fordham (Gabelli School of Business). Chances are, if you live/work in the NYC area, you are already well aware of these programs and the Mixer is a great way to mix and mingle with your NYC MBA peers and build your network outside of Stern. The Stern Student-Alumni Mixer also takes place each Fall and is planned through LSG with the help of the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, and has a great mixed turnout with about half from the current student population and half alumni. Like the 5-B-School Mixer, the Student-Alumni mixer helps current students meet people outside of the current program, but with similar mindsets and experiences, and is a great way to help you connect to our enormous alumni population in NYC. Finally, Charity Ball is a favorite on the Stern calendar, which is a formal night of dancing, with proceeds benefiting a charity of choice (this year’s charity is iMentor), and there’s always a fun theme for the night, too (this year’s is Casino Royale).


Charity Ball, 2014

I often get asked by people outside of the Langone program and/or considering applying what I like most about it and about Stern in general, and invariably, I always mention the social aspect and how much that side of the program is supported and emphasized both by students and the various offices and centers that support student life at Stern. This part of the program can’t always be found in brochures, but is undoubtedly what makes the Stern experience so special and unique. While you’re here, unless you deliberately make no time for it, you will inevitably have a plethora of opportunities to get to know your peers, alums, and other MBA students in the NYC area through both organized and informal events (read: weekly after-class happy hours, weekly weekend happy hours, and more)—and without this memorable part of the Langone experience, you would miss out on the lifelong relationships and partnerships that result from such a well-rounded and supportive MBA program.

Besides these social events, there are also professional networking events through the various professional organizations and clubs at Stern, as well as Core Group events, international programs and treks, philanthropy events, and much, much more—so you will never be short on things to do while at Stern! The trick is learning how to prioritize while making the most of your time here; it may seem daunting at first, but it’s over before you know it (I graduate in May after starting in Fall 2013), so you should make your time in the program as well-spent and full as possible.

Heather Luciano

About Heather Luciano

Heather is a student in the Langone Part-time MBA program specializing in Marketing, Entertainment, Media, and Technology, and Strategy. She is the VP of Philanthropy for the Langone Student Government, and is a member of the Graduate Marketing Association, Entertainment, Media, and Technology Association, Strategy and Operations Club, Social Enterprise Association, Stern Women in Business, and Cellar. Outside of Stern, Heather is currently a Regional Account Manager at Macmillan Science & Education and is also the Chair of Young to Publishing Group Cares, a community service initiative of the Association of American Publishers.

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