Don’t Do This at Stern…

In reading through some of the prior blogs written here, I realized we give plenty of solid advice on what you should do to enhance your MBA years. This month, I decided to take a different approach and tell you things every Langoner should NOT do. Hopefully these tips will ensure that prospective and new students will avoid some common mistakes and lost opportunities. On that note, make sure you never:

Choose electives without fully researching them. Stern offers way too many great courses to not take classes you are 100% interested in. Reach out to the professor to request a syllabus and ask questions. I’ve had professors who were happy to talk on the phone or in person to discuss whether their class is useful for given career goals. Search on the Langone Facebook thread to see what other students may have said about the class; or just post there yourself. Would you make a $6,000 purchase without fully researching your options? Think of elective credits the same way.

Wait until the week before to purchase popular social event tickets such as Spring Fling or the Langone Cruise. They will be sold out! Buy them early or be subject to vying for the limited number of last minute cancellations. Even if you buy early and cannot attend at the last minute, rest assured your tickets are very liquid assets; you will have no problem offloading them. Grab them close to when they are released!

Keep your interactions with professors limited to the weekly 3 hours in class. Professors are among the best networks you can develop at Stern. They are leaders within their respective industries and can help promising students land solid jobs. Meet them during office hours to discuss your career goals and see if they have any advice or contacts they can refer you to. Professors have a lot more to offer than DCF formulas.

Add shows to your Netflix queue. Use any extra time you have to join the many great clubs at Stern or attend networking/social events. Getting involved at Stern is an opportunity you should maximize during your time at NYU. Back seasons of “House of Cards” will still be there 3 years later, ready to help fill the cold and lonely void of the post-MBA period…

Aim to complete your MBA early just for the sake of completing it. I’ve known students who set a goal of completing the Langone program in 2 years “just to be done with it.” There are no major benefits to rushing through the program that I am aware of. Set completion goals based on your own career goals and personal situation, and feel free to adapt as your situation changes. The flexibility is one of the benefits of the part time MBA!

Vaibhav Kothari

About Vaibhav Kothari

Vaibhav (Vay) Kothari is Partner and Vice President at DiaCentre Inc., a wholesale diamond company based out of New York's famed diamond district. He has developed and expanded a division specializing in larger high quality gemstones set in earrings and engagement rings. His company works with hundreds of wholesalers and jewelers throughout the United States and abroad in identifying and designing unique luxury products incorporating diamond content. Vay has been attending the Langone Program at NYU Stern since 2013. His specializations are Finance and Management. In his time at Stern, Vay has been involved in various student-led organizations such as Langone Student Government, SABAS, and the Real Estate Club.

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