The Langone Program – Just the Right Fit

Tisch-LobbyAs a working professional you sometimes may wonder how you will get everything done if you go back to school. Will you have time to go to happy hours, network, and make new friends, all while still keeping up with your studies and career? At NYU Stern, the Langone Program is just the right piece to the puzzle, fitting into whatever shape the picture of your life needs to be complete.

There are a couple major things that I have experienced so far, that are completely and utterly customizable to give you the best B-School experience at Stern.

Academic Life

The professors and administrators at Stern completely understand whatever situation faces you and will work with you at all times to make sure that you get the most from your coursework. When I started my journey, I was enrolled in the Red Core (woot! woot!), which is the awesome group of people who attends class on the weekends. This was a great experience for me and worked well with my non-traditional work hours and travel schedule. One year into the program, however, I needed to change over to weeknights. I simply went online and filled out a request detailing my new work schedule requirements and the school approved me to become a weeknight student. There was no stress or difficulty in the process at all. Any time you visit an office or a professor to ask a question or get information, they are always happy to help.

The Stern Family

I have gotten a lot more than I expected from the relationships with friends and peers that I have made over the course of the past year and a half. I have new “besties” with like-minded and driven individuals, like myself, who have nothing but passion and excitement for the future. I have made business connections and solidified new work partnerships, just by going to happy hour once or twice a month when my schedule allows. And not only do I now have people to call upon for whatever particular segment of business I might want another opinion on, I know that if I don’t have anyone in my digital rolodex, I can simply go and hang out in Sosnoff Lounge and eventually I will meet the right person to start up the discussion with. When you come to Stern you are not only gaining knowledge, you are entering into the Stern Family, an intangible yet palpable bond that cannot be denied.

The NYU Stern experience has afforded me such flexibility and openness that I cannot even imagine what my life would look life now if I had chosen to attend business school somewhere else. Stern has been and continues to be just the right fit for me.

Ashley Carpenter

About Ashley Carpenter

An innovative thinker with a wide range of work experience extending from set to location to production office, Ashley Carpenter has been working in the Entertainment Industry since her graduation from high school, when she moved to New York City from Texas to pursue her career. She is currently focusing her MBA in Entertainment Media and Technology, Marketing, and Leadership. She has a passion for the creative development of compelling content and content marketing, as well as branded content in television, film, and OTT.

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