A Uniquely Stern Experience: DBi Beijing

Ni Hao from Beijing!

NYU Stern DBi students visiting Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai. Photo Credit: Vay Kothari

NYU Stern DBi students visiting Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai.
Photo Credit: Vay Kothari

Stern has an amazing array of electives to select from, but I believe their DBi program is the undesignated capstone course. Spanning 1 or 2 weeks, both Full-time and Langone students select from a set of varied international destinations such as Israel, Brazil, Australia, Morocco, and Costa Rica. It’s a fully immersive and experiential learning curriculum revolving around courses taught by local faculty at the best business schools in the world. You are given an overview of the business environment in the target country, utilizing the skills and knowledge picked up throughout the core courses at Stern. The learning extends beyond the classroom and includes visits to local corporate offices and factories to meet with executives whom are intimately familiar and open to discussing the business environment in their country. Finally, a myriad of optional cultural and sightseeing opportunities ensure that you go home with a lifetime worth of memories!

The almost 2000 year old Jingan Temple in Shanghai near our hotel. Photo Credit: Vay Kothari

The almost 2000 year old Jingan Temple in Shanghai near our hotel.
Photo Credit: Vay Kothari

I am currently in Week 2 of my DBi in China. We are taking courses taught by renowned faculty at the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University in Beijing – the best business school in China. Our first class was taught by an economics professor who consults with the government of China, and was surprisingly frank in his macroeconomic assessments of where the Chinese economy is headed! The first week also included a tour of Beijing Hyundai’s new manufacturing facility, where I could literally follow a car as it was built in front of my eyes by a stellar world class operations system. Just 2 days later, our group was taking a cable car up to explore the Great Wall of China and coming back downhill on toboggans! We spent the “free weekend” between the 2 week course exploring Shanghai, an ultramodern metropolis and one of the most impressively designed cities I have ever seen.

Along with the academic and cultural experience, DBi’s are an excellent way to build one’s network at Stern. I had an opportunity to interact with many of the Full Time students on a personal basis and met other fellow Langoners whom I had yet to take classes with. I am certain there will be many personal and business relationships formed from our spending 2 weeks together on the DBi.

If you are a current or prospective student, I highly recommend taking a DBi as part of the Stern experience. My recommendation would be to go out of your comfort zone and pick a destination you may not have visited on your own. You will be surprised at how little you know and how many business opportunities there are in every corner of the world. NYU is truly a global institution and Stern students should take advantage of its vast international educational resources!

NYU Stern students in front of Shanghai's Financial District. Photo Credit: Vay Kothari

NYU Stern students in front of Shanghai’s Financial District.
Photo Credit: Vay Kothari

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