Specializing at Stern

Many prospective and current students ask when you need to figure out your specializations.

Graduation is just about 2 weeks away and I’m just finalizing my specializations. Back in January 2014, I blogged that my intended specializations were Finance and Entrepreneurship. I had all my classes charted out and I knew what semesters I had to take specific classes in order to achieve certain specializations.

Well, like the myriad of students who came before and the many who will come after, I changed my mind!

During my second finance course, I realized that finance might have not been the wisest choice for me. I wanted to stretch myself and take courses in an area that I had absolutely no expertise and finance fit the bill. But concurrently, I was taking an operations course that truly piqued my interest more so than finance. So soon after, I started tailoring my courses to focus on: analytics, operations and entrepreneurship, assuming that I’d specialization in Operations, Entrepreneurship and Data Analytics.

However, I am now going to graduate with Entrepreneurship, Management of Operations & Technology (which is a mix of operations and data analytics) and Marketing specializations. The point I’m trying to illustrate is that I took classes that were interesting and challenging for me and am now graduating with three great specializations that make me a more dynamic, well-rounded businessperson.

My specialization trajectory is not the path that every Stern MBA takes. Some chart out their specializations and stick to them. Others do not elect any specializations at all. And others are somewhere in the middle – it’s completely up to you!

Victoria Fabiano

About Victoria Fabiano

Victoria is a Langone Part-time MBA student expected to graduate in May 2015 with specializations in Business Analytics, Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. At Stern, Victoria is a member of the Langone Student Government, the Stern Opportunity, Stern Women in Business, Graduate Marketing Association, Stern Adventures, Stern Cellar and Entrepreneurs’ Exchange. She is also a Graduate Ambassador for NYU Stern Langone Part-time MBA Admissions. Victoria currently works as a Business Development Manager at Google.

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