Enriching Your Langone Experience Outside the Classroom

As we wrap up the Spring 2015 semester, I continue to stay active, and appreciative of, all the ways to stay involved in the Langone program beyond the classroom. Despite heading right into the Summer 2015 semester (without even a day’s break, in my case), I’ve still found time to stay active in various extracurricular and professional programs offered through the Langone Student Government (LSG), the Career Center for Working Professionals (CCWP), and the abundance of student clubs on campus.

NYU Stern Langone students volunteering at LSG Philanthropy: City Harvest Mobile Market Photo Credit: Heather Luciano

NYU Stern Langone students volunteering at LSG Philanthropy: City Harvest Mobile Market
Photo Credit: Heather Luciano

This past weekend, through Langone Student Government (LSG) Philanthropy, I volunteered with my fellow Langone classmates at City Harvest’s mobile market in Quensbridge, Long Island City, Queens. Through lots of vegetable sorting, weighing, packaging, and distributing (my fellow classmates and I had to resist the urge to employ our knowledge of operational efficiencies to make it run even more smoothly – but luckily, City Harvest didn’t need the help), we were able to reach over 460 families (500+ people) in the housing complex (the largest public housing complex in North America), with over 19,000 pounds of fresh produce! It was truly rewarding to directly see the impact we made and it’s great that LSG provides us with opportunities to step off campus and give back to the New York City community as a Langone team.

I also had the chance last week to attend an education trek organized by the Social Enterprise Association club (SEA), in which we visited a charter school in the Bronx, KIPP College Prep, to learn more about potential post-MBA careers in education and to see effective public education in action. Many clubs on campus provide similar opportunities and it’s an invaluable learning experience to be able to observe the industries you are interested in working in through Stern programming.

This week, I am going through the next phase of the Langone Recruitment Program (LRP), which are the technical mock interviews. It’s great that the Career Center for Working Professionals (CCWP) provides us with this intensive, professional development program in which we can focus on career advancement, improving our resumes, and interviewing, networking, and job searching skills. Even if you are not looking for a career change, the CCWP’s programs ready you for all aspects of career advancement and are an extremely complementary and worthwhile component to a Langone MBA education. Through LSG, student clubs, and the CCWP, there are so many ways to enrich your Langone experience outside of the classroom (even when you’re currently enrolled in three classes!).

The only downside to the Spring 2015 semester coming to an end is having to say goodbye to the graduating Langone MBA Class of 2015 in a couple weeks. But, the good thing is, Stern fosters lifelong friendships and promotes lasting connections between students, so it’s never really goodbye, and I am excited for my graduating friends as they move on to the next chapter. As Summer semester begins in just a couple weeks, I look forward to continuing to stay involved in and outside the classroom and to what’s next!

Heather Luciano

About Heather Luciano

Heather is a student in the Langone Part-time MBA program specializing in Marketing, Entertainment, Media, and Technology, and Strategy. She is the VP of Philanthropy for the Langone Student Government, and is a member of the Graduate Marketing Association, Entertainment, Media, and Technology Association, Strategy and Operations Club, Social Enterprise Association, Stern Women in Business, and Cellar. Outside of Stern, Heather is currently a Regional Account Manager at Macmillan Science & Education and is also the Chair of Young to Publishing Group Cares, a community service initiative of the Association of American Publishers.

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