Goodbye Fall Semester, Hello Winter Intensives!

The Langone program offers so much flexibility when it comes to taking classes and gives you the option to take courses nearly year-round. From early January until the Spring semester in early February, you can elect to take intensive modules, which are classes that compress a full course into a shorter amount of time. The name is pretty accurate, as they tend to be intense, but in a good way, I promise!

I am taking my final two core classes during this intensive period: Operations Management, which runs 3 weeks and meets 3 times per week, and then Business Communication, which runs 1.5 weeks and meets 3 times per week. Whether you’re trying to finish your MBA quickly, or have flexibility at work during the intensive periods, these modules are a great option to get a few credits completed in a just few weeks.

While I prepare for my winter classes, I can’t believe almost a year has passed since I began the Langone program. I started in February 2013 and it has been such an amazing adventure thus far. With another semester behind me, I’m able to take more elective courses and focus on my specializations. In the Spring I will take Corporate Finance for my Finance specialization and Foundations of Entrepreneurship for my Entrepreneurship and Innovation specialization. I’m still undecided about my third specialization, since there are over 20 to choose from, but it’s not required to designate specializations, let alone three!

Victoria Fabiano

About Victoria Fabiano

Victoria is a Langone Part-time MBA student expected to graduate in May 2015 with specializations in Business Analytics, Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. At Stern, Victoria is a member of the Langone Student Government, the Stern Opportunity, Stern Women in Business, Graduate Marketing Association, Stern Adventures, Stern Cellar and Entrepreneurs’ Exchange. She is also a Graduate Ambassador for NYU Stern Langone Part-time MBA Admissions. Victoria currently works as a Business Development Manager at Google.

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