Project Sunshine

Last weekend, with a group of about 30 Stern students, I spent a few hours creating “Surgi Dolls” and assembling craft bag kits for Project Sunshine, a nonprofit organization that provides free education, recreational, and social programs to children facing medical challenges and their families.

So what exactly is a Surgi Doll? They’re dolls that help children prepare for surgery and other medical procedures. Doctors can demonstrate where an incision will be made or what body parts will be treated on the Surgi Doll. The dolls are left blank so that each child can color, decorate, and make the doll his or her own.

Creating a Surgi Doll involves cutting out pieces of cloth, stitching them together, and then inserting stuffing to make them plush. I quickly learned that I had no idea how to sew, let alone make a doll. However, after some guidance from a few fellow Sternies, the whole process was actually relaxing. By taking a few hours of our weekend to volunteer, we were able to do something special for sick children, as well as bond with new classmates and learn a new skill.

Projects like this make Stern such an awesome community. This event was sponsored by the Langone Student Government (LSG) and was completely student-lead. They organized the entire event from contacting the non-profit to planning the details to delivering the Surgi Dolls. And in just two hours, we were able to create dozens of dolls and craft kits for Project Sunshine!

Victoria Fabiano

About Victoria Fabiano

Victoria is a Langone Part-time MBA student expected to graduate in May 2015 with specializations in Business Analytics, Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. At Stern, Victoria is a member of the Langone Student Government, the Stern Opportunity, Stern Women in Business, Graduate Marketing Association, Stern Adventures, Stern Cellar and Entrepreneurs’ Exchange. She is also a Graduate Ambassador for NYU Stern Langone Part-time MBA Admissions. Victoria currently works as a Business Development Manager at Google.

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