Three Months in the Blink of an Eye

Hey everyone! I am going to pull a big blogger faux pas so please don’t hate me. I am consolidating some of my most memorable social and cultural experiences (thus far) from second semester into one post. How easy! How efficient! How “b-school” of me!

– Think Social Drink Local: A student fashion show organized by Stern’s Luxury & Retail Club and Social Enterprise Association. All of the proceeds go to the Stern Social Impact Internship Fund. The fund is a stipend that supports full-time first year MBA students going into summer internships for non-profit organizations who don’t always have the budget to pay their interns. It was a great excuse to get dressed up with my fellow Sternies and see some of our classmates (and our Dean!) walk the runway.


– Spring Break, India Trek: With our trusty South Asian Business Society trek leaders at the helm (thanks Sameer and Abhay!), I and 30 other classmates traveled to India this March to explore five cities in 10 days. We visited the cities of Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Goa, and Mumbai. The country was just as beautiful as I imagined and the food was even better. We had our fair share of cultural sightseeing (had to get that perfect Taj Mahal Instagram shot), local marketplace shopping, and even got to squeeze in some relaxing beach time. I miss the naan!


– Passport Day: The Stern Student Government organizes this annual even as a way for the student body to share their country’s diverse background and heritage through serving local cuisines, music, and dance. The girls and guys who performed in the India dance routine stayed up till 11pm practicing one night! It was an impressive event and reminded me of why I love being at Stern, a place that is brimming with culture and collaboration.


I cannot believe we only have 5 weeks left in the school year! Where has the time gone? Stay tuned for some exciting updates in my next post!

Real time learning

Greetings friends!

One thing that I appreciate about Stern is how the professors incorporate what is going on in the market to their lessons. Earlier this week, I had a case discussion on Groupon in my Promotional Marketing class. We discussed how Groupon was initially successful but with many competitors imitating the same strategy, we doubted how long the company would be able to thrive. My Promotional Marketing professor, Professor Mickey Goodman, emailed the class this morning after Andrew Mason, the founder and CEO of Groupon, was fired yesterday. I’m looking forward to my next class meeting so that we can discuss how the company will continue now that the founder has exited.

In other news, I’m looking forward to Think Social, Drink Local (TSDL) tonight. My fellow blogger Kristin did a great job of describing it here. I had a great time last year and am looking forward to seeing a few close friends walk in the show. I’ll report back next week with highlights. But before I head off to TSDL, I’m off to a happy hour reunion for my DBI Singapore class. Every minute is jammed pack here at Stern!

Until next time,