What’s on Deck?

Happy Monday!

So, I just looked at my calendar and realized we have about 5 more weeks of class and 7 until graduation. SO DEPRESSING! BUT, there are many fun things coming up. Here is a little taste of the life of a second semester almost-done MBA student:

-Going to class is extremely difficult. Mainly because waking up before 10am is a real struggle. #bschoolproblems

-Tomorrow night we (like 10 of us) are meeting up for drinks after night class to catch up on how our weekends were (really tough life, huh?)

-Wednesday we have an all-class bowling event at Bowlmor on University and 12th. The event is open bar bowling for two hours with our whole class and the Administration…get ready!

-Thursday is the last LABA party of the year. This is the semi-annual post-beer blast party that the Latin American Business Association hosts, and it’s always a ton of fun! Great music and company.

-In two weeks is the formal Spring Gala event, where all of us dress up to eat and dance at the Gansevoort…such a classy, fun event every Spring!

-The week after that is a Wine Tour at a few Long Island wineries (hosted by the Cellar club). It’ll be fun to relax on a Saturday and catch up in some beautiful weather over a few glasses of wine!

-After that starts SENIOR WEEK! That includes a boat cruise on the Hudson, themed events throughout the week, a class trip to Atlantic City, and then graduation at Radio City Music Hall.

In summary, it’s going to be a crazy month and a half coming up, but it’s all fun stuff. CANT WAIT!

Until next time…


Inside the Stern Community

As the application process is just about winding down, we have had the opportunity to meet and talk with so many prospective students over the past few months.  I thought I would use this blog post to answer one of the most popular questions I have received from many of you and give you another peak into what makes NYU Stern such an awesome place to be.

Something that stands out about Stern and has made this experience truly incredible, surpassing all of my expectations of business school, is the Stern community. I can honestly say I have never met such a diverse group of brilliant, talented, friendly people! Shout out to my fellow classmates – YOU. GUYS.  ARE. AWESOME.

Everyone here at Stern is extremely collaborative, whether we are working together on a project for the Stern Consulting Corps, coming up with a new business idea for our Digital Strategy class project or studying together for a much dreaded accounting midterm.  Each day I continue to be impressed with my classmates’ desire to help one another out.  I have never once felt in competition with my classmates or that anyone was looking out for anything other than my very best interest. I have made friendships that I know will last a lifetime, expanded my network to an incredible group of people and really feel like Stern is a community that I will always be able to call home.

During the month of January while I was a first year I participated in Mock Madness, a recruiting even hosted by the GMA {Graduate Marketing Association}. Mock madness was a full week where my fellow classmates and I prepped each other for interviews, spending countless hours mock interviewing each other, sharing feedback and helping each other present their absolute best selves for their interviews. This is a shining example of how the Stern community truly pulls together in an “us against the world” mentality. Despite the fact that we were all interviewing for some of the same companies and the same internships, it never once felt like a competition.

This speaks not just to my fellow students but to the professors and faculty here at Stern as well. I have found that all of my professors are extremely accessible and their door is always open (as long as you can find their office) to help with questions about the class, share advice on projects or just generally chat about interesting issues. It is a rare thing to be in the presence of so many brilliant minds and I have made sure to take full advantage of the opportunity.

If you haven’t already, I would encourage all of you to come and visit us for a tour, class visit or just a casual chat with our Graduate Ambassadors as you will get a great feel for what the Stern community is really all about!

Until next time,