Winter Break

Since I last posted, a lot has happened! First and foremost, I accepted an internship at Chanel in E-Commerce, which starts in just a few weeks. I feel truly fortunate to have this opportunity. I feel like I would not be in such a position with the support of my classmates and the strength of the relationship that the Luxury & Retail Club has built with Chanel over the years. My classmates were an integral part of my interview process. Knowing I had three friends who had interned there previously, I made a point to chat with them. Each to 30 minutes to an hour out of their day during finals time to speak with me and help ensure I was prepared. Their insight was definitely beneficial and put me at ease for the conversations that would soon follow. I look forward to sharing my experience with you this semester, so be on the lookout for some updates!

Additionally, I am fresh off of my winter break. I spent several days at home on Long Island with my family and a week in Louisiana with my boyfriend and his family. I find that even when I’m away from Stern, I can’t help but talk about it – everything from courses to my friends to my club activities. While many students spend these weeks traveling the globe, I opted for a more mellow time, which afforded me the opportunity to begin my internship early. (In case you can’t tell, I’m more than excited.) One of the nice things about Stern’s long winter break (it extends from late December to early February) is that students can use this time however they like. Many students travel, network, intern, take classes abroad for one to two weeks, or prepare for summer internship interviews as first year students. It’s up to you! Last year, I was interviewing for summer positions, but in your second year, you can choose from a range of options or mix and match. Some students just take this time to relax or visit family. Stern affords its students this time so that they can come back to classes ready to learn again. I think it’s one of the program’s many assets.

I look forward to sharing my Spring semester with you, so please keep reading!