It’s a Small World

Yesterday the International Committee at Stern hosted Stern Passport Day, an occasion for Stern students to get together and share their traditional cuisines, costumes and performances with each other.  While sitting in the student lounge I overheard an MBA1 student say, ‘’Passport day has already made my Business School experience worth it”. I could not agree more. The mouth-watering assortment of cuisines, the vibrant costumes and the charged up performances lived up to all the hype. A bunch of South Asians, including me, danced to some Bollywood tunes. The Stern community showed up in large numbers and embraced all the different cultures.

Someone suggested that instead of organizing passport day annually we should try and have it every semester. The Stern administration encourages students to take leadership on matters concerning the Stern community. Last semester, another Sternie felt that Stern needs a ‘Stern Cultures club’.  Four months on and she is in the process of finalizing the board for the club. I am really looking forward to some of the events the club is planning to organize.

I cannot end this post without a mention of my Spring break. I had mentioned in my previous post that I was organizing the India Trek this year. We visited five cities across India. We landed in New Delhi, the capital of India. We went on to visit the magnificent Taj Mahal as well as the forts of Rajasthan. We got to soak some sun on the beaches of Goa. Eight days of non-stop shenanigans ended with an alumni reception at Mumbai. It was hard to come back to reality after the trip. All of us got along so well that we have already had our first get-together in New York. Great memories and good friends for life.

Until next time,