Interning, Consulting, and More!

Where did we leave off? Since my summer, I have been busy! They say your second year is supposed to be a bit calmer than your first year, but for me it’s quite the opposite. Between interning, consulting, and TA-ing, I find I am running around more than ever. However, with this self-inflicted craziness, I find I am more fulfilled than ever.

This semester I am interning with the fashion designer Joseph Altuzarra. I conduct sales and inventory analysis for the small, yet growing, seven-person team. The Luxury & Retail Club posted about the opening over the summer and since then I’ve been building a relationship with the company so that they continue to partner with Stern. It’s been an incredible experience thus far. Joseph, along with his dog, Bean, is in the office frequently. Despite the industry’s reputation for being standoffish, I have found the people at Altuzarra to be warm, welcoming, and encouraging. Watching the process unfold from design to production and sales has been invaluable.  I consider myself extremely fortunate for this opportunity. Just by virtue of sitting in the office, I am able to absorb so much. I’ve never been closer to the product nor have I gained such exposure to the financials of a company. It’s also my first experience outside of the digital realm, which is enabling me to broaden my resume and experience.

Another amazing learning experience is with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). I am developing an investor-ready business plan for a designer looking to launch a high-end women’s clothing line. The access to industry advisors and information will certainly be helpful throughout my career. Next semester, Stern is strengthening its relationship with the CFDA by turning the consulting projects into a class. We will be working with younger designers looking to grow their existing businesses. I will be the teaching fellow for that class and cannot wait to tell you how it unfolds!