Food and Music

Hello all, it’s been quite a long time. I’m sure you all miss me.

I would like to say that I’ve missed a few weeks of this blog because things have been really crazy, but the sad truth is that things are winding down. There’s still plenty to do, and I’m keeping busy, but at this point I have less than two months before I graduate and reenter the real world, so I’m trying to enjoy the little time I have left here.

So enjoyment. That’s the name of the game. Last Thursday was a big day for school-wide enjoyment, which is very convenient. We had two really big events – Passport Day and the B-School Dropouts concert. Oh yeah, Beer Blast was right between the two.

Passport Day is our annual celebration of cultural diversity at Stern. In other words, it is a day to gorge yourself on foods from all over the world. Every country that is represented by a Stern students gets a table, and students either make or order food that is traditional in that country. I wound up having dumplings from Hong Kong; a Guatemalan chicken dish made by a classmate of mine; an Uzbek lamb-stuffed pastry; various arepas, empanadas and croquettes from Latin American countries; and an embarrassing amount more than that. There were also live performances by students and outside performers, generally with traditional dances from a few countries. This year, I got to see performers from South Korea, India and Bulgaria.

Next up was Beer Blast. We have this just about every Thursday from 6PM until 10PM in the Upper Concourse 100 Graduate Lounge. Of course, nobody calls it the Upper Concourse 100 Graduate Lounge. They call it the Beer Blast room. Every week a different student club hosts Beer Blast, which means they get to set the theme, order food, and pick some delicious beer and wine to serve. This week was particularly easy for food selection, because we had ridiculous amounts of food leftover from Passport Day. Other days, we get three deliveries of food throughout the night, and it’s ranged from pizza to sliders to chicken fingers to pita sandwiches to giant trays of ethnic foods from around the world.

After Beer Blast ends at 10PM, there is always some kind of after party (called Bar Blast), generally hosted by the club that ran Beer Blast. This week, instead of the traditional party, our very own B-School Dropouts, a cover band made up of MBA2s, played around the corner at Sullivan Hall. The band covered modern hits, and plenty of classic rock songs, most notably Sweet Child of Mine, which ended the show. After that, there was (yet another) after party at a nearby bar, Amity Hall. Overall, it was a great night, and yet not atypical for a Thursday at Stern.

One other nice thing about Stern is that we don’t hold classes on Fridays. This is really helpful for people who choose to recruit or intern on Fridays, but it’s also just great if you need a little extra time to recover from Thursday night.

Anyway, that’s all for me this week. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.