Excited for Pre-View Weekend!

It’s hard to believe that a year ago I was eagerly preparing for Pre-View Weekend at Stern. Truth be told, I was still mildly undecided when I attended. I was 90% certain I would attend since Stern had been my long time front runner. However, as a naturally indecisive person, I was hesitant to make that commitment. That all changed when I met my potential classmates, professors, and faculty over Stern’s admitted students’ weekend. In fact, I remember it distinctively.

The first night we had a cocktail reception at the NASDAQ where Dean Peter Henry spoke. It was a place most people never see, plus we had great views of Times Square that even a native can appreciate. I remember joking with Dean Henry, a UNC alumnus, about my undergraduate school, Duke, and their basketball rivalry. I knew that any school with such a down-to-earth dean would be a great fit for me. I then continued to mingle with my peers before we continued the evening out. I recall not wanting the fun to stop and I looked forward to seeing my new friends the next day.

Even though I knew that moving from the Upper East Side was unlikely, I attended the off-campus housing panel the next day. It provided great perspective for me and confirmed my desire to stay put in my UES studio. I then moved throughout the day meeting more of my prospective classmates. When I would divulge that I had yet to put in my deposit, I was met with overwhelming encouragement and a nearly instant sense of community. I felt that my peers genuinely wanted me to join them in the fall. As someone who values cohesion and friendliness in an educational setting almost as much as academic rigor, I was delighted by their welcoming nature. These experiences definitely pushed me closer to writing my check.

Finally, when I met second year students and alumni, I realized the breadth of connections and quality of careers that Sternies have. Although Stern had caught my attention largely because of the school’s strength in Luxury and Retail, I wasn’t completely decided. By talking to students about their own paths and hearing from alumni, I realized there wasn’t a wrong choice I could make in attending here.

As I prepare to speak on the Housing Panel, participate in the career path discussions, and join some prospective students during dinner, I can’t help but feel excited. Actually, I’m jealous. I would give anything to be in their shoes and be able to start my journey over again. I hope those of you in attendance enjoy the experience as much as I did!