Countdown to Spring Break!

Greetings friends!

It’s been a busy time since last we spoke. I have two half semester classes coming to an end on March 27th. It’s great to take half semester classes because your class load is lighter for the second half of the semester (at least in my case) and you can take classes with many professors. However, I am completely distracted as Spring Break starts on Friday! I am headed to South Africa with the Association of Hispanic and Black Business Students and Stern in Africa. Every year, on-campus clubs plan Spring Break treks. Some have a recruiting focus if students want to work abroad. Others are centered around service as with the Social Enterprise Association’s trek. Others are purely social (which is the kind of trek that I prefer). Last year, I traveled to three cities in Brazil –Salvador, Iguazu Falls, and Rio de Janeiro–for the Latin American Business Association’s trek. This year, I am traveling to Cape Town and Johannesburg with 45 Sternies! I look forward to sharing my experience with you in my next blog post!

Until next time,