Almost Spring Break time!

Time has been flying and I can’t even believe it’s already almost the end of March! Although, I am really looking forward to traveling to Mexico with ten or so really close friends from school!

Classes are going well. I would say that Promotional Marketing (1.5 credits) is one of my favorite classes. I do wish I took it last Spring instead though since so much of what we are learning I was exposed to on the job this past summer at Unilever – things like coupon strategy/analysis and how to derive revenue targets for new innovations (using trial rates, repeat rates, penetration, etc.). This summer was such a short period of time to learn so much that it’s now a great opportunity to learn it in the classroom and have more time to ask questions and absorb the frameworks that CPG brand managers often use to make decisions. For our class project, we are developing a promotional marketing plan for the vodka brand, Tito’s. Tito’s is one of Ketel One’s biggest competitors, but falls user the radar around here because it’s primarily distributed and promoted in the South. So specifically, we are working on developing a stronger positioning for the brand that resonates with consumers outside of the South. One of our recommendations (based on the current demographic and type of consumer the brand attracts) is to establish partnerships or sponsorships with music festivals. As we research the industry more, we’ll be able to come up with more creative recommendations that will really resonate
with consumers.

Okay, now off to the airport!

Until next time…