Prof. Panos Ipeirotis Wins Best Paper Award

panosMSBA Professor Panos Ipeirotis recently won a Best Paper Award from the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI). The honor was awarded for his research paper with NYU Poly PhD student Maria Christoforaki, titled  ”STEP: A Scalable Testing and Evaluation Platform.” The paper examined the challenges with evaluating online testing and courses, and presented a platform that allowed for continuous generation and evaluation of test questions.

Through the “STEP” platform, the researchers determined that their ”experimental evaluation shows that our system generates questions of comparable or higher quality compared to existing tests, with a cost of approximately 3-5 dollars per question, which is lower than the cost of licensing questions from existing test banks.”

Professor Ipeirotis and Maria Christoforaki presented this research at AAAI’s 2014 Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing.

To read the entire paper, please click here.


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New Research by Vishal Singh Examines Hoarding Behaviors

vsinghIn a research paper published on the Social Science Research Network, MSBA Professor Vishal Singh examined hoarding behaviors during commodity bubbles. With his co-authors Aureo De Paula and Harrison G. Hong, Professor Singh measured hoarding using scanner data on US household purchases at supermarkets during the 2008 Rice Bubble. During this time, export bans spiked rice prices worldwide (including in US markets), which led US households with previous purchases of rice to double their buying in anticipation of shortages.

In the research paper, Professor Singh documented “transmission mechanisms through over-extrapolation from high prices and contagion, as many households bought rice for the first time during the bubble.”

To read the entire paper on SSRN, please click here.

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Prof. Anindya Ghose Discusses Crowdfunding Campaigns on BBC World News


In a recent interview with BBC World News, MSBA Professor Anindya Ghose examined the economics of crowdfunding campaigns, including the overlooked costs and burdens associated with a successful Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign. In particular, he showed that while many people believe these campaigns are a way to get free and easy money,  a successful campaign requires a lot of time, money, and effort in its back-end operations:

“People are able to raise the amount of money that they want to raise but they default on the actual delivery, on issues like packaging and fulfilling the actual amount of orders,” he said.

To watch the entire interview, please download the video here.

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Prof. JP Eggers Examines Spin Off Brands on Bloomberg

jpeggersMSBA Professor JP Eggers recently sat down with Bloomberg Business to discuss the recent rise in companies creating spin off brands and businesses. He examined advantages of these spin offs for business,  including shareholder value, efficiency, transparency and monitoring:

“In many cases, the value we’re seeing created from these spin offs is legitimately real. These companies are actually able to be more efficient, more effective, and better competitors by being more focused. The managers can pay attention to a smaller collection of assets, and we get higher-powered incentives in the organizations to help provide motivation for the firm.”

To watch the entire interview, please click here.

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Professor Eggers’ Research on Serial Entrepreneurs Featured by Inc.

jpeggersA recent article by Inc. highlighted MSBA Professor J.P. Eggers‘ research on serial entrepreneurs, which will be published later this spring in the Academy of Management Journal. Professor Egger’s study, titled “Dealing With Failure: Serial Entrepreneurs and the Costs of Changing Industries Between Ventures,” examined two groups of serial entrepreneurs in Beijing and venture capital-funded companies in the United States.

The Inc. article explained Eggers and co-author Lin Song’s conclusions from the study, who found that

…the entrepreneurs who failed but who stuck to the same industry had outcomes with subsequent businesses that were as good or better than those of cohorts who changed industries.

One reason is that entrepreneurs who fail tend to blame external circumstances such as competitive forces, market changes, high costs, and high expectations, rather than internal factors like bad management or team disagreements.

“When things go right, the tendency is to say, ‘I am brilliant,’ and when they go wrong, it’s because it’s someone else’s fault,” Eggers says.

To read more about Professor Eggers’ research, please click here.

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New Study by Prof. Sundararajan says the Sharing Economy can Help Low-Income Users

MSBA Professor Arun Sundararajan recently published a study that shows the sharing economy can have a positive effect on low-income consumers. The study, which was conducted with research scientist Samuel Fraiberger, analyzed two years of transaction data from Getaround, a peer-to-peer car rental start-up.

While many critics of the sharing economy argue that these types of services negatively displace workers- such as when a consumer turns to AirBnB rather than a hotel- this study bolsters the notion that sharing economy apps positively impact economies instead.

For lower income consumers in particular, the study explains that the sharing economy offers users opportunities to own a means of generating revenue:

“Ownership is a more significant barrier to consumption when your income or wealth is lower, and peer-to-peer rental marketplaces can facilitate inclusive and higher-quality consumption, empowering ownership enabled by revenues generated from marketplace supply, and facilitating a more even distribution of consumer value.”

To read more about the study on Mashable, please click here.

To read the entire study by Arun Sundararajan and Samuel Fraiberger, please click here.

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Prof. Anindya Ghose Discusses MSBA Program at 2015 Big Data and Analytics Summit

aghoseMSBA Professor Anindya Ghose recently spoke about the MSBA program at the 2015 Big Data and Analytics Summit in Toronto, Canada. As part of a session titled “Recognize Your Skill Gap and Formulate Strategies to Overcome Them,” Professor Ghose explained how firms now have a lot of data and technologies, but often do not have the right people to make sense of their data or derive business value from it. He then discussed firm’s greatest skill gaps and how firms are training existing employees.

Most importantly, however, Professor Ghose discussed how programs like the NYU Stern MSBA degree can bridge this divide. He shared the MSBA curriculum and student background, and explained how the MSBA program produces an amazing pool of talent that firms can utilize.

To learn more about the 2015 Big Data and Analytics Summit, please click here.

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NYU Stern Dean Henry Awarded Foreign Policy Association Medal

pbhenryNYU Stern Dean Peter Blair Henry was recently awarded the Foreign Policy Association Medal at NYU’s annual Financial Services Dinner, held on February 26th, 2015. NYU’s Foreign Policy Association (FPA) awards this prestigious honor to leading practitioners of foreign policy and researchers or teachers in the area of U.S. foreign policy.

According to FPA President Noel V. Lateef, Dean Henry was awarded the medal “in recognition of his dynamic and visionary leadership of the Stern School of Business, which is preparing future business leaders for an increasingly globalized economy.”

Other medals were also awarded to Peter G. Petersen, Chairman of Peter G. Petersen Foundation and Mark E. Kingdon, CEO of Kingdon Capital Management, LLC.

Suzan Sabancı Dinçer, Chairman and Executive Board Member, Akbank; Michael Sabia, President and CEO, La Caisse; and Bruce Van Saun, Chairman and CEO, Citizens Financial Group, Inc. were also honored with the Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

To read the entire press release, please click here.

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Dean Peter Henry Elected to Citigroup’s Board of Directors

2000px-Citi.svgNYU Stern Dean Peter Blair Henry was recently elected to join Citigroup’s Board of Directors, and will begin his service this summer. As an independent director, Dean Henry will offer his authority and expertise in emerging market economies to Citigroup.

“Peter’s expertise in the economics of emerging markets and his unique perspective that spans the public sector, academia and business make him a valuable addition to Citi,” said Citi Chairman Michael E. O’Neill. “We are pleased to have Peter join our Board of Directors, and know that Citi will benefit greatly from his insights.”

To read Citigroup’s press release, please click here.

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