NYU Stern Dean Henry Awarded Foreign Policy Association Medal

pbhenryNYU Stern Dean Peter Blair Henry was recently awarded the Foreign Policy Association Medal at NYU’s annual Financial Services Dinner, held on February 26th, 2015. NYU’s Foreign Policy Association (FPA) awards this prestigious honor to leading practitioners of foreign policy and researchers or teachers in the area of U.S. foreign policy.

According to FPA President Noel V. Lateef, Dean Henry was awarded the medal “in recognition of his dynamic and visionary leadership of the Stern School of Business, which is preparing future business leaders for an increasingly globalized economy.”

Other medals were also awarded to Peter G. Petersen, Chairman of Peter G. Petersen Foundation and Mark E. Kingdon, CEO of Kingdon Capital Management, LLC.

Suzan Sabancı Dinçer, Chairman and Executive Board Member, Akbank; Michael Sabia, President and CEO, La Caisse; and Bruce Van Saun, Chairman and CEO, Citizens Financial Group, Inc. were also honored with the Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

To read the entire press release, please click here.

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Dean Peter Henry Elected to Citigroup’s Board of Directors

2000px-Citi.svgNYU Stern Dean Peter Blair Henry was recently elected to join Citigroup’s Board of Directors, and will begin his service this summer. As an independent director, Dean Henry will offer his authority and expertise in emerging market economies to Citigroup.

“Peter’s expertise in the economics of emerging markets and his unique perspective that spans the public sector, academia and business make him a valuable addition to Citi,” said Citi Chairman Michael E. O’Neill. “We are pleased to have Peter join our Board of Directors, and know that Citi will benefit greatly from his insights.”

To read Citigroup’s press release, please click here.

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NYU Stern Prof. Srikanth Jagabathula Receives Prestigious Award for Data-Driven Modeling and Learning Research

sjagabatNYU Stern Professor Srikanth Jagabathula was recently awarded the Faculty Early Career Development Award by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

This highly competitive and prestigious award recognized Professor Jagabathula as a junior faculty who exemplified “the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education, and the integration of education and research.”

As part of his award, Professor Jagabathula will receive $500,000 to continue his research in data-driven modeling and learning techniques to improve the accuracy of operational decision making.

“We are proud of Professor Jagabathula’s research and the recognition it has received from the National Science Foundation,” said Peter Henry, dean of NYU Stern. “This award speaks to the quality and impact of his work as well as NYU Stern’s leadership in research at the intersection of data mining, business intelligence, and digital information.”

Professor Jagabathula is currently a professor in the Information, Operations, & Management Sciences (IOMS) department. He also serves as a Faculty Affiliate at the NYU Stern Center for Business Analytics and the NYU Center for Data Science.

To read the press release and learn more about Professor Jagabathula’s research, please click here.

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Opinion Editorial by NYU Stern Dean Peter Henry Featured on the New York Times

pbhenryIn a recent op-ed on the New York Times, NYU Stern Dean Peter Blair Henry examined the importance of economists in today’s financial landscape. The article, titled “Economists Need to Analyze and Explain, Don’t Prognosticate” discussed how economists can succeed by employing historical data, rather than making short-term predictions.

“Economists who tailor their advice to ideology rather than reason earn their maligned status, contributing more noise to a political echo chamber. But economists also fail when they attempt to predict short-term business cycles, a task for which the discipline is ill equipped. By trying to time booms and busts the way meteorologists forecast weather, a handful of economists have generated unrealistic expectations about what they can and should do. Little surprise, then, that we’re caught in a public shouting match over why few, if any, economists called the end of the Great Moderation.”

To read the entire article on the New York Times, please click here.

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Prof. J.P. Eggers on Apple’s Dependence on iPhones

jpeggersIn a recent interview on Marketplace, MSBA Professor J.P. Eggers discussed Apple’s heavy-handed focus on iPhones. While the company recently announced profits of $18 billion in the first quarter of its fiscal year, mostly due to iPhone sales, industry experts warn that relying on one product line may actually be a potential weakness. However,

Companies that generate most of their sales from one product can be risky, says J.P. Eggers, a professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business. But he thinks Apple’s narrow focus is a source of strength, because the company can work on innovating and improving a narrow range of products.

To read the entire article on Marketplace, click here.

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Research by Prof. Anindya Ghose Featured on The Economist

prof ghoseAs part of an article discussing the negative impact of finding sexual partners online, The Economist featured MSBA Professor Anindya Ghose’s research on technology and the spread of HIV. With Jason Chan of the University of Minnesota, their research paper examined how Craigslist increased the prevalence of HIV from 1999 to 2008 across 33 states in the United States. The Economist explains:

“The arrival of Craigslist, they found, was correlated with an average increase of 15.9% a year in the number of HIV infections compared with what would have been expected had it not been launched; the pair estimate that the listing website was associated with between 6,130 and 6,455 extra infections a year throughout the country. That held true even after controlling for national and local HIV trends (which were often in decline), the level of urbanization, and changing rates of people getting tested for the virus.”

To read the entire article on The Economist, click here.

To read Professor Ghose’s research paper, titled “Internet’s Dirty Secret: Assessing the Impact of Online Intermediaries on HIV Transmission,” click here.

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Prof. Anindya Ghose Discusses Obama’s Plans for Cybersecurity

prof ghoseIn a recent article detailing President Obama’s intentions to increase military and domestic cybersecurity by The Guardian, MSBA Professor Anindya Ghose discussed the pitfalls such legislation might face in Congress.

Even after recent high-profile cybersecurity attacks- including Sony, Target, and Home Depot- Professor Ghose warned that legislation furthering the government’s reach into private data may struggle to gain traction.

“I don’t think anyone wants to see another Sony. It’s bad for everyone, but I find it difficult to see any legislation going through despite the importance of it,” said Ghose.

Ghose said the Sony attack, which the Obama administration claims was orchestrated by North Korea and which revealed the personal details of 50,000 Sony employees, was the perfect example of how cybersecurity and personal data protection were linked. The hack might help Obama win over some Republicans to his cause, Ghose said, but given the hostility between the two parties and Republican control of Congress and the Senate, new legislation would be difficult.

To read the entire article on The Guardian, please click here.

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Prof. J.P. Eggers Discusses Reviving Teen Retailers on Bloomberg TV

jpeggersIn a recent interview on Bloomberg TV, NYU Stern MSBA Professor J.P. Eggers shared his thoughts on “What Teen Retailers Need to Do to Come Back Into Fashion.” Professor Eggers discussed problems teen retailers are currently facing, including controversial CEOs and an influx of consumers who may not be driven by logos and brand names anymore:

“We are seeing a real shift in the generations between the needs and wants of the teenage population,” Professor Eggers said. “What worked for these companies five or six years ago is just not working now. They need to find a way to connect to a bunch of consumers who do not spend as much money on clothing and are not as interested in having the absolute hottest item on the market.”

To watch the entire interview on Bloomberg TV, click here.

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